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advice real life Founder and Executive Director, Lisa Ruby, started the iCan Bike program in 2008 after meeting Inventor Richard E. Klein, Ph.D. creator of the roller bike. She said she took one look at the equipment and could not believe how brilliant it was. The roller bike looks and acts like a conventional bicycle except it has a regular bike wheel in the front and a roller wheel in the back, allowing the rider to go from very stable to a little bit of a wobble. The wobble is increased as the rider advances, allowing the bike to do most of the teaching in regard to learning to balance. The next step in learning to ride through this five day program is the tandem bike. Also different from a conventional tandem bike, the rider sits in the front and a staff member sits in the back, allowing the rider to be evaluated on obstacles they may be having such as pedaling, steering, and leaning. A big component of iCan Bike is limiting instruction with verbal communication and simply having the rider’s body and brain learn the skill by doing the skill. By the end of the program the possibilities of transitioning to a conventional bicycle are closer at hand. “By creating a supportive, safe and caring environment, removing every small obstacle to reduce fear and anxiety, and celebrating every small victory, we allow people to focus on the task at hand while having fun and feeling good about themselves.” The iCan Bike program focuses on teaching the individual, as they serve people of all different abilities. They identifying how each person learns and tweaks the program for maximum success for each individual, always remembering the core values the organization instills. The core values at iCan Shine are EXTREMELY important to those involved in the organization. The staff is trained to make decisions in the field using these values. Compassionate Service We provide excellent service, recognizing our customer’s – participants, families, hosts, volunteers – individual and collective needs. As stewards of this amazing program, we find joy in interactions and connections with every person we encounter. Integrity We are an organization that our customers can trust. We are honorable, ethical, sincere, honest & accountable in everything we do. We consistently seek and speak the truth in a straight-forward manner. LISTEN TO AUDIO VERSION OF ARTICLE MAR/APR 2017 Parenting SPecial 37

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