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Supplies for Wall Tulle Fabric Projection spotlight Rhinestone stickers Glow Twinkle Stars Thumbtacks CHALLENGE: C HA AL LL L L ENGE NG 7RGHFRUDWHDWHHQ\RXQJDGXOW·VURRPIRUD\RXQJODG\ Supplies for Room Weighted blanket from SensaCalm Lava lamp Rag Rug Beanbag chair )ORZHUSRWVLONÁRZHU arrangement Pillows \GDXJKWHULV
&#0f;DQGFRXOGGHÀQLWHO\EHQHÀWIURP a sensory room/calming space where she can XQZLQG+RZHYHU&#0f;RQHRIRXUELJJHVWFKDOOHQJHVLVWKDW she will NOT allow anything in her room; pictures on the walls, pictures on the dressers, etc. She does, however, like twinkling lights, glow in the dark stars and lava lamps. So, I decided to create a soft, glittery, twinkling backdrop behind her bed. Pink tulle was selected for the fabric choice because of its soft color, light weight, inexpensiveness and for the fact that you can see through it. We wanted her to be able to see the glow in the dark stars, like she was looking up at the night sky as she was trying to go to sleep. During the day it just ORRNVOLNHDVRIWSLQNEDFNGURSZLWKJOLWWHU\VWLFN
RQ rhinestones placed randomly all over the top of the tulle. We decorated from about 2 feet from the top of the wall down. We purchased big, soft, furry pillows that match her comforter and, basically, turned her bed into a “big comfy couch”. We also chose a weighted blanket which has turned out to be a wonderful addition! Even though it does have some “heft” to it, my daughter loves it and says, “it helps her sleep” and “feels like a big warm hug.” A white projector light is pointed at the wall behind her EHG:HKLGLWLQDÁRZHUDUUDQJHPHQWRQKHUGUHVVHUVR as not to bother her. M We also added a beanbag chair and a “rag rug” to round out the room. She is still deciding if the beanbag chair gets to stay in her room, though. Currently, it has to go out of the room at night. We have found that these sensory rooms are very effective in assisting parents who desire to “calm down”, or reduce the stress in, their children who have sensory issues. Each room is unique and there are countless options that are limited only by your own imagination. 7KHHPSKDVLVRIWKHURRPZLOOEHGLFWDWHGE\WKHVSHFLÀF issue(s) that your child has. The beauty of these rooms (no pun intended) is that they need not be expensive in order to achieve the desired result. After all, when the child is calm, the parents rest easier, too! Y LISTEN TO AUDIO VERSION OF ARTICLE 28 PARENTING SPECIAL NEEDS.ORG MAR/APR 2017 Stephanie Davis

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