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Supplies/tools for sensory wall: 2 large pieces of plywood Paint for the background color Silicon ice trays Calculator Touch lights Light switches 0HWDOEDNLQJWUD\V (to use for magnets) Roller coaster bead activity PVC ball chute Supplies for PVC Ball Chute: 4 PVC PIPES 4 Elbow PVC pipes 4 Different colored plastic balls Paint to match the colors of the plastic balls Supplies for chill zone: CHALLENGE: To provide a sensory room/calming space at church in order to help children (boys and girls) who need a “break” while their parents are attending church. Kiddie pool Weighted blanket from SensaCalm Pillows (I got mine from Ikea) Misc. Supplies: Sensory swing 0DJQHWLFSDLQWIRU the magnetic wall Little black table from Ikea Play tunnel from Ikea K ristin Grant began working with children with special needs when she was 13 years old, and KDVQ·WVWRSSHG6KHFXUUHQWO\ZRUNVDVD5HJLVWHUHG Behavior Technician for Positive Behavior Support agency. Kristin also volunteers at her church every Sunday and realized that there were a lot of children with special needs at the church that were not adjusting well. She expressed it this way: “I soon learned that a lot of parents were unable to come to church because they felt like there was no place for their child. This broke my heart and I was determined to create a room that was able to accommodate them”. Kristin brought up her idea of a sensory room to the 'LUHFWRURI&KLOGUHQ·V0LQLVWU\ZKRZDVWRWDOO\RQ
ERDUG with the idea! They were able to resolve this problem LISTEN TO AUDIO VERSION OF ARTICLE by using one of the unused classrooms to create a sensory room that is calming. All of the students start out in their DJH
JURXSFODVVURRPV&#0f;EXWLIWKH\QHHGDEUHDN&#0f;WKH\FDQ come to this room. After they have had a chance to calm down, they can go back to their classroom. Or, if they would like to stay, then they can also do that. The only pitfall encountered occurred when trying to set up the VHQVRU\VZLQJ,WGLGQ·WFRPHZLWKWKHQHFHVVDU\H\H
KRRN&#0f; EXW&#0f;\RXFDQÀQGWKHPHDVLO\DW+RPH'HSRW-XVWPDNHVXUH they match the correct weight limit of the swing. MAR/APR 2017 PARENTING SPECIAL NEEDS.ORG 25

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