Parenting Special Needs Magazine - March/April 2017

National Adoption Center

2017-03-17 11:38:09

National Adoption Center Meet Susie Fifteen-year-old Susan is a happy teenager who likes to style her hair in pigtail braids just like Pipi Long Stocking. Susie, as she likes to be called, enjoys someone reading to her from any Dr. Seuss book as she tries to say some of the words on the page. She is interested, too, in video games and playing with electric toys and early learning puzzles. Her favorite television shows are Dora the Explorer and U-Tube videos that she locates on her computer. In spite of being multiply disabled and attending a special school for children with physical and developmental disabilities, Susie continues to acquire new skills including putting words together to ask for something she wants and feeding herself. She needs a family that would strongly advocate for her needs. For more information on Trevon, please contact Anna Coleman at [email protected] or 267-443-1867. National Adoption Center ”There are no unwanted children... just unfound families”

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