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Chantai Snellgrove 2017-03-17 11:47:01

Chantai Snellgrove Spring into Good Health Happy Spring! Our Spring issue is packed with a lot of information to help our children... and us. I know that we’re all busy, so that’s why we’ve pulled together moms and experts to share their knowledge with us so that they can help us all to be successful and to simplify our lives in the process. Our magazine is interactive, so you can listen to all of our articles and watch video snippets when you have a minute. Be sure to check out our advertisers as some of them are offering spe I hope you enjoy this issue.....I’ll talk to you soon. Chantai Snellgrove Founder and Editorial Director [email protected] 5 THINGS I LEARNED FROM THIS ISSUE ESSA replaces the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). (p.08). The “gut” is considered to be our “ second brain. (p.40). We may have as many as 80,000 toughts a day and 70-80 percent of them are negative (p.22). Intersting ways to tackle creating a sensory room on a budget (p.24). Using a blender to beat eggs when making french toast (p.52). Next Issue: Summer, Mobility

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